Supporting Other Charities; Why We Do It.

A quick reminder of who Aster Care are.

We are a small, local business providing 24-hour homecare services for people with long-term health conditions. We’ve proudly supported people in Portsmouth to do this for over 10 years.

We manage to prevent admission to nursing homes – and even hospitals- due to the training and skills our team have.

It's people over profit

We focus on making a difference to the lives of others – not profit. We make a humble surplus each month and with this, our managing director, Muthu Govindarajah, wanted to contribute to charities working hard to do what we do.

Which charities did we decide to support?

After some careful deliberation, Aster Care selected the following charities to support;

Dementia UK: Caring for people with dementia, and their families, is at the heart of what we do. We look to organisations such as Dementia UK to inform us on how best to do this. Over the years, we have facilitated the successful discharge of people with complex dementia held under the Mental Health Act 1983 to return home. Much of our training and approaches are informed by the work of Dementia UK.

Shelter: Many people have a roof over their head and give little thought to what it would feel like to have no home, but at any given point, a person of any age or background could suddenly find themselves homeless. The idea of anyone having to sleep rough, enduring all sorts of weather and unsafe conditions, greatly concerns us, and so a regular donation to this cause is something we feel is incredibly valuable.

The Trussell Trust: Many of us can afford food and don’t go hungry, but there are 14 million people estimated to be in food poverty in the UK who lack this basic provision. The Trussell Trust supports a network of nationwide food banks and aims to supply at least three days of nutritional food to those in need, plus they campaign to end the need for food banks.

Guide Dogs for the Blind: Muthu sadly lost his beloved wife in January 2020. She adored dogs, and if she had to choose one charity, this would be it! We support the idea of dogs trained to assist people with sight loss as they also enable people to remain living at home as independently as possible. The value of a Guide Dog to its owner is immeasurable.

Médecins Sans Frontières:   This organisation provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. Muthu wanted to support an international charity.

London Air Ambulance:  The London Air Ambulance  attends at least 5 people a day who require medical attention from injury. This vital service needs donations to exist and continue supporting people from trauma, falls and road traffic collisions in our capital city.

Our Work Goes On

Supporting our community in any way we can is extremely important to all of us here at Aster Care, which is why supporting these complimentary charities is a given.

We continue to promote complex care at home through our live-in care, specialist Dementia care or long-term home care services as a 24-hour alternative to traditional nursing care. We want to make the transition from fully independent living to supported living as seamless as possible for everyone involved.