Palliative Care & Support Hub; local support for patients, families, care staff and health professionals


Aster Care would like to use its platform to inform its visitors of the new Palliative Care Support Hub (PCSH) which is now available to those who may benefit from the service, i.e: patients, families, carers, and health professionals. The purpose of a hub is to have resources all in one place that can be accessed more readily but its users, making it more efficient, and to ensure its users do not have to visit multiple places, or speak to different people to get answers to their questions. This has been developed by the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, Solent NHS Trust and the Rowans Hospice to provide a local response service to those living in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.   

Understanding palliative care - the 5 stages

According to the NHS information service,  palliative care is about improving the quality of life of anyone facing a life-threatening condition. It includes physical, emotional and spiritual care. It is different to end of life care and is usually referred to when a purpose has a long term condition that cannot be cured.
Planning palliative care has 5 stages, which are as follows:-
  • 1: Create a Bespoke Care Plan. …
  • 2: Emotional and Spiritual Care and Support. …
  • 3: Manage Your Treatment. …
  • 4: Practical Care: Now and the Future. …
  • 5: Supporting Your Friends and Family.

What support is on offer?

The PCSH is able to help with the following:-

  • Symptom and medication management and advice
  • Urgent immediate response
  • Palliative care and signposting
  • Planning ahead & Future Planning Support (see our other blogs)
  • Out of hours advice and guidance
  • Referral for admission of specialist support
  • Triage and assessment
  • Hospice admission information
  • Understanding where to go next
  • Bereavement & signposting to services 


How to contact PCSH

The PCSH is open 24 hours a day and can be contacted on 02392 250001

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