Become a home carer

How we recruit staff

We have long used a values-based approach to recruiting, i.e., looking beyond qualifications/experience to attitude, reliability and a desire to help others; important and personable attributes if you want to become a home carer.

We also understand the importance of employing a diverse workforce to meet the varied needs of those we support.


Every candidate will be interviewed by two friendly managers who will assess the candidate’s aptitude and overall suitability. If we like what we hear, we will proceed with our robust recruitment checks, supporting the new worker to gain confidence through a comprehensive training programme.

We offer training opportunities

We use a variety of modules, classroom teaching and shadowing of experienced staff to train new workers to become home carers. We believe this allows new recruits to learn through various mediums and transfer theory into practice promptly. Further support will be given through observational visits, supervision, and appraisal. To give you an idea of what to expect, we have set out our training model below;
Completed over 12 weeks to include a classroom induction, five compulsory modules, Introductory Visits, and on-site person-centred training.
A further eight theory modules.
Compulsory for all staff new to care.
Level 2 & 3 – free to staff.
For those working with stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s, diabetes, PEG, Tracheostomy care.
Risk Assessment, Producing Medication Administration Records, Practical First Aid, End of Life, Prevention & Infection Control

Interested in joining the Aster Care team?

All of our training is paid, if you are interested in joining the Aster Care team, please complete the following documents and email them to